Order a Pie Made With Your Favorite Toppings at Commune Kitchen


Since opening its doors three months ago, Commune Kitchen has been doing very brisk business thanks to a casual menu filled with pizzas and tartines, a friendly comfortable dining room, and its convenient Arlington location. Doors open at noon, and you'll find that the tables tend to fill up pretty quickly, especially on weekends when people are out and about.

Pizzas at Commune Kitchen are 12-inches, which means they're shareable with a couple of side dishes if you prefer a light lunch, but they also work as a main course personal pizza. Toppings range from classic mozzarella, tomato, and basil, to more unique combinations like clams, chorizo, and corn on an Old Bay crust, or the veggie-heavy pizza topped with butternut squash, roasted kale and banana peppers. Tartines are served open faced, on thick-cut grilled house bread, and range from breakfast-style bacon-and-eggs on top to ricotta, tomatoes, and basil.