Find Delicious Asian Stir-Fry in a Fast and Casual Setting at Honeygrow


Honeygrow has only been open for about a month, so it's quite possible that you haven't visited yet. However, this place already has a collection of rave reviews, so you'll certainly want to head over to try some of Arlington's newest Asian fusion cuisine in a fast casual environment.

The food menu emphasizes custom-created salads and stir fries, which means that you can either select one of the kitchen's signature combinations, or you can build your own meal from a range of fresh, organic ingredients. Try house-made egg noodles with roasted shrimp, pineapple, scallions, and sesame garlic sauce, or go for a salad filled with spring greens, baby kale, tea-soaked raisins, and lemon curry yogurt dressing. Don’t forget that Honeygrow extends its build-your-own concept to its popular juice and smoothie bar, where you can create combinations like strawberry, apple, and banana with honey and yogurt, or blueberry with maple syrup and granola.