Dine on Barbecue Fare in a Cafeteria Style Setting at Fat Pete’s Barbeque


Sometimes you’re really hungry, and all you crave is some good old fashioned barbeque. If you’re in the H Street Corridor section of Washington D.C. and are a fan of authentic barbeque, you’ll be happy to know about the recent opening of Fat Pete’s Barbeque. Located less than four miles from Park Adams apartments, Fat Pete’s Barbeque is a casual restaurant open seven days a week.

The restaurant has a cafeteria-style feel, where guests order at the counter and pick up their food on plastic trays to enjoy at their table. Don’t let the low-key ambiance fool you, though — the food is serious. The line at Fat Pete’s Barbeque is known to extend out the door and around the corner. Like with many traditional barbeque restaurants, you can order different cuts of meet by the pound, like brisket, pulled pork and smoked turkey. Fat Pete’s isn’t open on the weekends, so make sure to get your barbeque fix in during the normal work day.