Try Unique Cupcakes, Strong Coffees and Gluten-Free Goodies at Baked & Wired


As the name would suggest, Baked & Wired is the ultimate place to grab a decadent pastry and a cup of strong coffee. Wildly popular with locals and visitors alike, this hip coffee shop offers a tantalizing array of fine baked goods, fresh breads, gourmet coffee and unique snacks like Hippie Crack trail mix. Fill up on a box of treats to bring home, or grab a seat and a cappuccino with friends to kick back and converse in this cool spot.

Some of the best sellers are Baked & Wired's unique cupcakes. The creative names are second only to the creative recipes used to tempt people to try every flavor. One is called the Chocolate Cupcake of Doom, while the Elvis Impersonator is another. Baked & Wired also offers vegan and gluten-free cupcakes so everyone can enjoy something sweet!