CorePower Yoga: An Invigorating Practice Awaits for Yogis of All Levels


CorePower Yoga takes traditional yoga and cranks it up a notch, resulting in a workout that won't just bring flexibility to your body and calm your mind, but will also help you tone up, grow stronger, and burn as many calories as hitting the treadmill. The CorePower Yoga in Arlington is one branch of the much larger CorePower family, and it's not far from your apartment at Park Adams.

If you're a first-time yogi, start at a CorePower Yoga 1 class. The Vinyasa-style session welcomes all levels, but it moves at a slower pace than other classes, so the instructor will have time to help you learn poses and perfect your form. It's also unheated and no extra humidity is added to the room. Veteran yogis who want more of a challenge should try Hot Power Fusion. The instructor cranks the temperature up to about 100 degrees and pumps some moisture into the space to kick your metabolism into high gear. The quick flow of Hot Power Fusion also helps you torch calories quickly.