Ethically Sourced Seafood Stars at Luke’s Lobster Farragut


You'll never have to wonder about the quality of your seafood at Luke's Lobster Farragut. This branch of the small chain, which opened three weeks ago in DC, follows the same overarching sourcing philosophy as its sister eateries. The kitchen team sources seafood from reliable fishermen who enlist ethical practices to catch your seafood. They're mostly based in Maine, the home of the best lobster in nation, or in neighborhoods near the eatery itself.

Don't miss the signature lobster roll, a classic that comes stuffed with chilled, wild-caught lobster smothered with lemon butter, mayo, and a house-made seasoning blend. You can also try a similar sammy stuffed with crab or shrimp instead. If you're looking for something a little different, check out the lineup of seasonal dishes. You may see options such as lobster mac and cheese, a grain bowl topped with a lobster tail, or clam chowder in a bread bowl.