Make Yoga Work for Your Lifestyle at YogaWorks


Pure Prana Yoga Studio is now YogaWorks, and all the positive things about the original studio still remain. Regardless of your skill level or time constraints, you will find a class that is easy to work into your schedule, and provides the benefits you want and need. The instructors are top-notch, and they put a concerted effort into making the participants in the class feel welcome and supported. And now that Pure Prana is owned and operated as a YogaWorks studio, you have access to the nationally renowned benefits of a successful yoga network.

Visit the studio for over 30 styles of classes, or access their online yoga classes. You can even bring yoga to you and your colleagues with personalized sessions in your office. YogaWorks also offers private instruction, Pilates courses, retreats, workshops, and more. Take advantage of pricing deals for new students to give YogaWorks a try. Their membership packages are especially valuable with all of the guest passes, discounts, and online subscription rates.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP