Follow Clues to Solve Mysteries at Insomnia Escape Room DC


Team-building used to consist of icebreaker games and trust falls. The advent of the escape room changed all that. Now you can build rapport with friends, family, or even coworkers by solving a (make-believe) murder together. Come to Insomnia Escape Room DC with a group to hunt down clues and crack a case together.

Step into "The Alchemist," a room that looks exactly like an old-school library. It's where the Order of Alchemists will convene in 60 minutes with the Philosopher's Stone, a source of immortality, and begin the process of taking over the world. You have to crack codes and solve clues in order to stop them. Insomnia's other escape rooms, "The Mafia" and "Oblivion" plunge you into other mysterious scenarios that require quick critical thinking in order to escape.

Public Domain/Pixabay/clockedindk