Hit the “High Seas” (or the Potomac River) Aboard the Boomerang Pirate Ship


Maybe you've been on a tour along the Potomac River before, but you've probably never experienced anything quite like an adults-only cruise aboard the Boomerang Pirate Ship. Although it's equipped with modern amenities (it was built specifically for the Potomac's waters in 2013), the boat looks like an old-timey pirate ship and is staffed by theatrical buccaneers in costume.

Feel free to dress up in your own pirate-inspired ensemble or come wearing your street clothes. You'll be welcomed onto the ship either way. Once you're on board, mingle with new and old friends, grab a drink at the bar, or head straight to the dance floor. In between songs, step up to the top deck and enjoy the panoramic views of Washington, DC as the city and its landmarks float slowly by.

Public Domain/Pixabay/skeeze