Play Tourist for a Day With a Segway Tour of DC


To see your home in a way you’ve never seen it before, City Segway Tours is a fun option that many natives cited for learning a few new things about their own city. Located in six major cities like Paris and Berlin, we’re lucky enough to have a location here in DC, which was one of the first for this global company that opened over a decade ago. Despite the name, they now offer more than just Segway tours, but also bike tours and walking tours as well. 

If you head to their website you can browse all the options, with over 25 different choices of tours and activities. Their favorite tours include the seasonal Cherry Blossom Segway Tour for all the best views of the blooms and the Monuments and Memorials Night Tours offered on bike or Segway to see a view of the city that is truly unparalleled. 

You can also do a private tour if you have a group in town visiting and can customize what you’d like to see, just ask them for more details!