Shop for the Person Who Has Everything at Covet


Patrons say that the owner of Covet, Autumn, is a big part of the reason they love the boutique. She’s always welcoming and affable, ready to chat or point you in the right direction of a special gift. And she takes great care when it comes to stocking her shelves with special items, many of them crafted by hand.

Autumn sources Covet’s inventory from a wide array of different folks, including local and national artists, parents who’ve created their own line of hip children’s clothing, and a candle-maker based in Arlington. When you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend, there’s no better place to go and browse. But don’t be surprised if you find something you want to keep all to yourself! Covet boasts a large range of home decor, jewelry, and works of art that appeal to people of all different tastes and styles.