Cabinets Bare at Park Adams? Restock at Harris Teeter!


There’s hardly a person left in the world today who doesn’t want to save a little money. Even if you’ve got a hefty savings account and plenty of buffer in case of emergency, having a few extra dollars at the end of the month couldn’t hurt! With Harris Teeter Neighborhood Market & Pharmacy, there are plenty of ways to save on your groceries and beyond.

Of course, you should check out their weekly ad online for the best deals going on each week. It could be a great help to keep these sales in mind while planning your meals for the week or when you’re deciding what stores to visit for this week’s grocery order.

While you’re at it, Harris Teeter can help you create that grocery list, too. Their website hosts weeks worth of recipes for all occasions and, conveniently enough, offers a feature to save ingredients directly to your shopping list.  You can do the same with items from the weekly ad to make the ultimate money-saving shopping list!

With that list in-hand, you can even place your grocery order directly online. Not only will you save time as opposed to heading to the store but you’ll be bound to save a little more by bypassing those last-minute items (like the irresistible checkout candy bar) that weren’t on your shopping list but inevitably jump into your cart.