Expect Gourmet Groceries at Mom’s Organic Market


If you haven’t visited MOM’s Organic Market, you’re missing out on so much more than just a store. As an organization, MOM’s lives by a set of admirable values and follows through on them by working with and creating powerful initiatives to make the community and the planet at large a better place to be.

What sorts of projects does this include? MOM’s Organic Market is a member of the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge and offers free Level II car charging spaces at all but one of their locations nationwide to help promote the use of electric and hybrid cars. They eliminated plastic bags from their stores back in 2005 and have made efforts to prevent plastic waste wherever possible, such as by utilizing bulk options and banning traditional bottled water. They’ve made strides towards energy efficiency and even purchase Renewable Energy Credits to offset their electrical usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

What does this mean for you? For starters, shopping at MOM’s means your purchases are going toward making positive environmental change. But doing some or all of your grocery shopping at MOM’s, you can help reduce your own carbon footprint. Not only will you use less plastic as compared to the packaging and bags at many stores (and can take advantage of a ten-cent bag credit for using reusable bags), but MOM’s will even offset the carbon emissions of your driving to and from the store. A purchase from MOM’s really is a purchase for the planet—and you can be a part of it!