Satisfy a Craving for Scones at Northside Social


Let’s face it: not everyone is cut out to compete on The Great British Baking Show. For those of us who aren’t about to be declared Star Baker, we’re lucky enough to have Northside Social to prepare treats from scones and cinnamon buns to biscotti and muffins ready for us with just a few clicks of the phone or computer.

Of course, no baked goods are complete without a requisite cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) to accompany them, and Northside Social can lend you a hand there, too—we can’t all be star baristas either. If you can’t decide from their wide-ranging menu, try some of Northside Social’s most popular items, like a latte or iced coffee alongside fresh scones.

With take out and online ordering available, it’s a simple process to get these goodies to you—and into your mouth—as soon as possible. Prefer to delay that gratification a little bit longer? Pick up a bag of house-made granola to add some crunch to your morning yogurt or a quart of ice cream or sorbet for an after-dinner treat. Or, pick up a pound of chocolate chip cookie dough or a sugar cookie kit to try your hand preparing your own special desserts at home. Who knows? You might still have some GBBS potential to uncover.