Rock Spring Park: One of Arlington’s Best-Kept Secrets


Chances are, you’ve taken advantage of some of Arlington’s recreation spaces. The county is chock-full of parks, community centers, and other areas for locals to take advantage of. From Fort Barnard to Alcova Heights Park, there are some spots that everyone in the area is familiar with. But, with so many places to explore, a few are bound to slip through the cracks. Rock Spring Park just might be one of those. 

“One of Arlington’s best-kept secrets,” writes Yelp reviewer Joe G. of the park. “This secluded park is centered around a creek and a paved trail.” Mel N. agrees that it’s one of Arlington’s hidden gems: “If you want some peace and quiet come by and bring your dog and get lost in the sense of the birds chirping and the breeze hitting your face as you discover a new path of the little things in life!”

Do yourself a favor and go discover this diamond in the rough buried amongst Arlington’s parks & recreation locales. Whether you need a new walking path for your daily workout or you just want a bit of peaceful meandering, a trip to Rock Spring Park will be just what you need.