Mexican Fare Supports a Worthy Cause at Taco Bamba in Ballston


It’s hard to go wrong with tacos: the warmth of the seasonings and fresh mouthfuls of toppings tucked into a delectable shell. But, at Taco Bamba, a Ballston taqueria, tacos become something better than you could have imagined. 

Their tacos tradicionales are more conventional options, with a corn tortilla, onion, and cilantro. Tacos al pastor, barbacoa, or pescado, for example, are topped with your choice of meat and additions like pineapple and pickled onion. Their “do it dirty” style tacos take it a step further, with your choice of meat, grilled onions, chihuahua cheese, and sweet chili sauce on a flour tortilla.

Where Taco Bamba really hits its stride, though, is with its tacos nuestros⁠—”our tacos.” Their classic taco bamba includes skirt steak and chorizo with a variety of toppings while their spicy ‘shroom taco offers a vegetarian option. 

If these flavors and their other delicious offerings at Taco Bamba aren’t enough, you can feel good about ordering your new favorite tacos, too. Their tacos nuestros include a charitable factor: the proceeds benefit World Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger and poverty. 

For tasty flavors with a side of good deeds, Taco Bamba taqueria is a delicious addition to the area.