Save Room for Dessert at Wild Tiger BBQ


If you’re searching for a refreshingly unique spot to try this weekend, check out the newly opened Wild Tiger BBQ. This eclectic restaurant combines the flavors of American-style BBQ and Asian cuisine for delightful bites you’ve never tasted anywhere else.

They have a version of the menu with some apps and bao buns that’s available all week long, as well as some specialty BBQ items only available Friday through Sunday evenings. So if you want to try their signature flavors, definitely order on the weekend. On the app menu the fish sauced brussels and the Chongqing spiced-wings are quick favorites. If you’re going the bao bun route, you can order three for $13 and it’s a tough decision but any of them are delicious. The pork belly with pineapple slaw and bulgogi with cucumber kimchi are definitely at the top of the list though! But for the main event, the BBQ. Try the sticky ribs with peanut sauce, chili and cilantro – you’ll be raving about it to everyone you know. 

Do yourself a favor and save room for dessert. You’re going to want to try the ice cream baowich, which is a sweet version of a bao bun filled to the brim with creamy ice cream and five-spice sugar.