Mele Bistro: A Must-Try Eatery in Arlington


“Your experience starts as soon as you arrive,” writes Mele Bistro of your trip to their table. “You start with our oven baked hot bread, Spanish olive oil, Italian Balsamic vinegar, Sea salt, and our blend of mixed Peppers” If that alone doesn’t entice you, the rest of their menu certainly will. 

Enjoy a sharing plated of roasted Mediterranean vegetables or split a charcuterie board of cured meats and cheeses. The Mele endive salad will lead you into your meal, with options like spicy vegetarian penne, blackened sea scallops pizza, or a farm-to-table lamb burger offering the perfect entree. Finish your Mele experience an almond pear tart or gelato and a cup of coffee, or have another glass of your favorite chardonnay. 

With offerings as appealing as these, it’s no surprise that Mele Bistro is a beloved Arlington spot. It’s hard to beat their Mediterranean menu for your date night or for a satisfying meal at home when you’d rather not cook dinner yourself. Sitting on the couch, accompanied by Netflix, or at Mele in-person with your special someone, few meals are as memorable as the one you enjoy from Mele Bistro.