Treat Your Valentine to Gourmet Goodies at Artisan Confections


The candy creations at Artisan Confections are study in how opposites attract. They use the most traditional of techniques, but create a truly contemporary product. You’ve likely never seen a chocolate so exquisitely hand painted, yet it tastes like the most comforting and approachable dessert you’ve ever had. They use the finest Valrhona cocoa from France, but flavor it with homegrown mint from Maryland. Opposites do really attract! Come see and taste these one of kind chocolates, from the tiny painted squares with beautiful floral patterns, to the shiny one-bite wonders that glisten like jewels. Other options include cashew brittles, caramel pecan bars, and coconut haystacks, as well as a jarred salted caramel butter sauce that just might change your life. Artisan Confections are sure to dazzle your Valentine, especially if they know what to expect when they open their signature golden boxes with satin ribbons. 

Shop the retail space on North Filmore Street, or order online any time. But don’t admire your candy for too long! Artisan Confections’ chocolates contain no preservatives, and are best enjoyed immediately.